The Kangaroo Valley Tourist Association (KVTA) is an umbrella body which promotes tourism to Kangaroo Valley where membership of the Association is voluntary (with an Association Fee payable) and not all providers in Kangaroo Valley, whether they be in accommodation or activity provision, or the retail/dining sector are members.

Kangaroo Valley is an amazing amphitheatre of high sandstone escarpments enclosing a lush river valley provide a rich and diverse environment that rewards the explorer. Much of Kangaroo Valley falls within the boundaries of Morton National Park, one of the largest parks in NSW and visitors will be rewarded with many choices from rugged bush walks and river based activities to scenic drives and idyllic picnic spots.

Kangaroo Valley

Kangaroo Valley’s heritage, cultural significance and geography.


This is so much to enjoy in Kangaroo Valley, you are sure to find some activity you like.

The Hampden Bridge Experience

Hampden Bridge is a wonderful attraction in beautiful Kangaroo Valley 2 hours from Sydney or Canberra between the South Coast and Southern Highlands.

Planning your trip

Getting to the Valley is half the fun. Whether travelling by car, bus or train, the scenery is spectacular.

Wildlife and Conservation

Kangaroo Valley has a lot of wildlife corridors and national park as well as pastoral land and native forest.